Allura Codes


The online platform needed to quickly display accurate results whenever a customer would make an enquiry about the car part they need and locate them the best item that matches their criteria

The Challenge

This client came to us looking for a complex solution for his needs. The client wanted to create a massive database about car parts people can use to easily search, select, and purchase according to their requirements. 

Applied Skills
Logo Design
Search Engine Optimization
Google Ads

Our Simple But Bold Solution

Needless to say, Allura Codes accomplished the goals and fulfilled the stringent requirements its client presented with style! Not only did we manage to create a fully functional online platform that displayed the results in accordance to the queries of the customers, but it did all that in a matter of a few seconds! Not to mention the trendy and easy to navigate interface design of the website, which makes the customers feel welcomed and makes it easier for them to do their thing.

Technologies We Covered



Google Analytics





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